Wireless cable box wanted


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Wireless cable box wanted

Our TV, Internet and Phone are controlled by Cablevision (AKA: Optimum). We have been with them for years and have been rewarded with price increases while new customers are being given all sort of discounts and free services.

Our latest reward came when I turned on a television that did not have Optimum's cablebox. Instead of programming, I saw a notice that I could not get programing without a separate cablebox for that TV set. I called and was informed that I could have a "free" cablebox for 1 year. After that the cablebox would require a monthly ransom.

As I am already paying for a cablebox, can I obtain a wireless router and rebroadcast the signal + have the advantage of being able to move the TV to whatever room I want to watch it in?


Will I have to run cables throughout my house to be able to watch WHERE I want to watch?
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Just wondering...is it ALL channels...or just the higher end part of your package that you can't get.
I can watch all the stuff we pay for (basic stuff....no HBO, Showtime or special sports channels) on even my old non-digital tuner TV. On one TV I can get their channels in either digital or analog. Digital gives me a better picture and program info. We have a cable box on the main TV in the LR, mostly for the on-screen guide and the free on-demand and music channels.

Funny thing is, we were going to return it to save a few bucks and it turned out it would have raised our rate since it was part of the package.

I know some areas/companies have gone to encryption of all their channels to prevent theft of service. Possibly that's what your has done.
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Reply to Gunguy45

The television without the Cablevision cablebox and card now works only with the VCR. It will likely work with the DVD. It does not work with the Cablevision cable.
It is an effort on the part of Cablevision to increase the amount it collects from long term customers in order to offer discounted and free services to NEW customers or those it is attempting to get back from FIOS so that its commercials will not be outright lies.

It is the beginning of the end to BASIC service to those who fall for the FREE FOR 1 YEAR cablebox offer. Being as I already have a cablebox for which I am already paying a monthly ransom, I would rather have NO TELEVISION than make additional ransoms for continued Telelvision.

Anyone who is used to entertainment via Television is aware that it is a thing of the past. Now even the regular programing is padded with infomercials such as the profitable bidding on storage units, purchasing of "antiques". Just about the only programming worth watching now is the NEWS and Weather > both of which are more current on my computer.

Also, I have strong adversity to having my pocket picked. I take it that you are in a region not yet being converted to the FUTURE OF CABLEVISION.
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I doubt that you avatar goes over well in colorado.
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If you are really sick of paying a lot for cable/internet/landline, there are a few things you can do. I have no clue where you live and what the terrain is like, so I'll give you a few basic tips.

Internet- There are multiple providers, if you have your own business and a business Tax ID, you can check for business class internet service. I was able to get a 5MB connection for $35 per month.

Cable- Cable is mainly a luxury in my opinion, since you probably only watch 20 channels out of the million they offer. Consider a long range antenna with a range of at least 60 miles used by people in the middle of nowhere to get free TV forever. Use a site like antennapointe.com to locate your stations and get an idea how far they are and decide whether or not you need a directional or multidirectional antenna. Then buy some HIGH quality RG-6 wiring from a place like Monoprice.com (cheap and used by a ton of people). If signal is weak or your cable is over 100 ft from TV to antenna, add a pre-amplifier to the antenna. If you will split the cable to feed multiple TV sets, you may need a distribution amplifier if the signal is too weak after the first split. Just make sure you place the antenna at the highest point you can reach.
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Reply to TLastHero

I live in the Hudson River Valley > about half way between New York's City Hall and Albany, NY. It is not quite the Catskill Mountains but it is not flat terrain either.

My options are limited by marriage to a woman who is mesmorized by Television when not asleep and unwilling to operate a computer. That kills the option of doing away with Television.

The local scarcity of antennas other than satallite discs appears to indicate that local condtions do not favor airwave antennas.

AntennaPoint.com - Antenna Locator shows 21 transmitters within 60 miles. Within 8 only Trinity (I am not big on gospel) and WRNN-TV in Kingston. The remaining 19 are at least 42 miles away. All are UHF. Their power ranges from 0.4 kW to 1000 kW. AntennaPoint.com - Antenna Locator suggests
� Name: ClearStream2�
� SKU: C2
� Range: 1 - 50mi
� Pattern: Multi-Directional
� Location: Indoor / Outdoor
� Channels: UHF 14-69
� Gain: 10.2 dBi
� Dimensions: 20.0"L, 20.0"W, 20.0"H
� Weight: 20.0lbs
At $99 naked > $110 with mount > with amplifier, cable & mount for $182.38.

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