Vizio 42"TV audio but no video


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Vizio 42"TV audio but no video

My Vizio TV has sound but no video. The model # is VO42L FHDTV10A and about 3 years old. It happened a few times before but the video was turned on after I tried to turn the power on and off several times, using the remote control.

Now the video is totally gone while the sound is still there. It does not work even after the power was on and off several times, the TV was unplugged for several minutes and replugged. I don't see any backlight either.

Please help.

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It could be the power supply or the backlight inverter. If you take the back off and inspect the power board ,there may be one or more caps bad. Normally when the inverter goes bad it wont come back by powering the set on and off. The caps will act like that for awhile before they die completely.
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I've found that I can test LCD panels by hooking them to a signal (like the computer) and turning them on, then taking a bright flashlight right up against the front. If the image part of the unit still works then one can usually see a small portion of the image around where the flashlight is shining, as the light bounces off the backlight glass and back through the LCD in that area. That'll help confirm that it's in the backlight control portion as craftsman_50 points out. In your case, since it's a TV, as long as you have sound then there should be an image on the display, so you can test it with a flashlight when you can hear a TV station.

I've replaced bad capacitors in a dozen LCD monitors at work including the one I'm using right now at my desk- it's a pain to do because of the difficulty of disassembling the monitor housing and because of finding the correct replacement caps, but even a fairly poor solderer like me can do it with patience. If it is a bad cap then it'll probably cost less than $20 to do the job yourself even if you have to buy a soldering iron and solder in addition to the caps. A competent TV shop shouldn't charge you more than an hour's labor (assuming they operate on the one-hour-minimum mantra) either, as it's not that complicated a job, and the parts cost should also be negligible.

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