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Question Pixelation

We have an LG LCD HD tv. For awhile now we have been getting a lot of pixelation. It seems to be mostly limited to the HD channels. We have Comcast and I have heard lots of people complaining about the same thing, so I believe it is a Comcast system wide problem. My question is....does pixelation harm the tv in any way?

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No, I don't think pixelation harms the tv.

I would also double check the quality of your cables and their connections. A bad cable or corroded or loose connection can degrade your signal quality and can cause pixelation.
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Pixelation won't harm the TV.

What is the refresh rate of your TV? LCD TVs with refresh rates of 60Hz (and some 120Hz) are notorious for pixelating during fast motion, especially in sports programs. There is really nothing you can do to fix that.

It could also be caused by a borderline signal that causes the TV to hold or freeze the picture, including sections of the screen, until it receives a solid signal. This is caused by too many splitters, bad cables and connectors, or (rarely) too little signal from the cable company.

On certain channels the cable signal itself can display artifacts that resemble pixelation. Artifacts are the result of the compression used by the cable company that allows them to squeeze more channels into their pipeline. The most-watched channels will look pristine in HD, while other not-so-popular channels will appear to be slightly pixelated. This is a common complaint from people with cable and satellite.

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