Samsung LCD TV - Red pixelated lines


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Samsung LCD TV - Red pixelated lines

I recently moved into a new home and I transported my 46" Samsung LN46A850 LCD TV to my new home. Since transportation I have red pixelated lines throughout the TV and also looks like it is shading in on the picture. I am getting the red lines/pixels when there is an image on the screen (even on the TV Menu). If the screen is black I get no red lines/pixels. I transported the tv laying down on it back wih the LCD facing upwards and it was in the car for about 3-4 hours. I have done some research and I was unaware that LCD's cannot be laid flat down and should always be upright. Would anybody have any recommendation on what the issue could be and if it is repairable. I have the knowledge to replace the parts myself I just don't know where the issue could be.
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If it was cold in the car during the hours it was outside, and you brought it into a warm house, then some conensation may have accured in the set.leave the set unplugged for a few hours and see if it fixes the problem.
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That is actually very interesting. The Samsung LCD tv's appear to be plagued by this red line issue. It is a defect in the panel and the only way to repair the problem is replace the panel.

In your case I'm not sure if there is anything you can do now.
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I have done some research and I was unaware that LCD's cannot be laid flat down and should always be upright.
I've seen those claims. They are contradicted by the nearly 400 TVs we had delivered to a site last July. The were palletized by the factory, lying flat, and stacked 13 high. We stored them in a room stacked 15 high for four months before the crew could install them. We had exactly one bad out of the box, and it was a power supply.
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Silicon Image

I have fixed a tv with what sounds to be the same issue the customer had been playing with the HDMI cables and found that by flexing them it fixed the problem, till it became worse. When looking at the board it was easy to locate a silicon image IC that is a multi HDMI input for the tv all that is required is a reflow around the IC this can be done by hand or a proper SMD rework I recommend the SMD. The panel does not need to be replaced I'm most cases it will just be a board swap. these TV's are easy for any tech to work on and fix.

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