VCR goes into Standby mode; Now tape is stuck


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VCR goes into Standby mode; Now tape is stuck

Well I've decided to transfer a video from my VHS cassette to my computer using my VCR which has not been turned on for atleast 9 years. Anyways, I connected the appropriate cable and everything else with the TV so it's all good.

I plugged the cord into the power, the VCR powered on itself into Standby mode at first, I put the VHS cassette inside, pressed the ON button and for 5-6 seconds some motor inside began rolling and I was seeing a black screen on the TV.

After 5-6 seconds pass, the black screen disappears from the TV, the motor stops and the VCR goes into Standby mode. I've tried numerous times turning it on/off and whatnot, but it never manages to play the darn cassette. The first time when I pressed the Eject button it managed to push it out, unfortunately I put it back in, tried the first steps as above, then finally gave up and thought I'd eject it but guess what, it doesn't come out! Plugged, unplugged, powered on, tried ejecting while it is ON but it doesn't eject it, tried ejecting while it is in standby mode, and it still doesn't do it.

Now the cassette is stuck inside and I have no idea how to fix this. I'm not really good at disassembling these things. Fast forward and rewind buttons also don't seem to function as the tape seems to stay on it's place no matter what I press. It's like in some state of a coma. It's really important that I pull out this tape without damaging it as it contains my 1 year anniversary video.

Here is a video I recorded, hope it can help you to understand my problem more:
VCR in coma? Help!! - YouTube

It's a Sony SLV-X1:
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Unplug the vcr. When you plug it back in the tape should eject. After sitting that long the belts are not going to be any good.
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