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I've had a Zenith TV for about 5 years. What happens is that when I turn the TV off it turns itself on after a few minutes, no there are no ghosts in my house..lol. The only way to turn it off without this happening is if I unplug the tv set...any idea???

BTW thanks for the help with the Handycam.

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Good Afternoon, jatacr:

There are two trains of thought on this problem. First, if the set is married to a system with a VCR, the VCR could be triggering it to come on because of a Y2K bug in the system.

If there is no VRC involved and the set is an isolated unit just receiving signals from the cable or the antenna, then let us think about remote controls. I assume your set has a remote control (most do these days).

Since remote controls are IR (Infra-Red) and use coded IR pulses to trigger the remote, let's talk about light sources around the television. IR is light, of course. All light is involved in the Infra Red spectrum.

Fluorescent lights are a normal cause of problems with an IR controlled television set. Almost any light source that is foreign to the set will interact with the unit in some way. As I have said so many times before, I have seen a light on a fish tank that caused problems with a television set because the water bubbled, the light was distorted, and the television set received strange commands.

Again, as I have said so many times before, find the lens on the front of the television set for the IR receiver. Use a piece of black electrical tape and cut a piece long enough to cover the lens. Cut a horizontal slit in the tape about 3/4 of the length. Put the tape on the lens with the tape being horizonal (parallel to the TV table).

The slit in the tape will desensitize the IR receiver to outside light sources but it will also make it necessary to be a little more directive with your remote control.

Solution: Either find the light source that is causing the problem or use this fix.

How does the fix work? Simple. Light waves move in a vertical path (Up and Down) while IR moves in a horizontal path (left to right) as do microwaves. The electric tape blocks simple light waves which cause strange happenings.

Come back and tell us if this fixed the problem.

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Zenith TV Set


I tryed your sugestion but it only worked for a couple of hours. It all started again.

Please any suggestions.

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Good evening, jatacr:

Let's eliminate light sources completely. Completely cover the lens on the IR receiver on the television set.

Let's eliminate Y2K and disconnect the VCR from the system and hook the TV directly to the signal source.

Now, come back and tell me what happens. Remember, I am a thousand miles away, can't see your set, but want to help. It may be a little slower but am interested in isolating the problem.

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Zenith TV Sentry 2

Hello Smokey!

OK, no VCR attached, not Y2K related since it's being doing this for a while before 2000 arrive. I've taken it to a couple of tecnicians but have not found any problem. I do appreciate your assistance with this issue. All I know is that I just probably end up buying a new set in a couple of months.

Thanks Again.


Your desperate friend in Puerto Rico
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Cool Magnetic field

Several years ago we had a set in the shop doing what you are describing but it was after a few hours. What we discovered, actually at an RCA seminar in St. Louis, was... As the magnetic field around the CRT collapsed it would cause the CPU to bug out and turn the TV on but at full volume. I wonder if the same thing could be happening here? RCA came out with a shield that soldered to the CPU and to the ground and that cured the problem. Zenith is not what it used to be. I would have a tech take a look at the CPU and maybe even replace it.

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