Looking for Cheap No-Frills 20" TV


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Can anyone recommend a brand TV that is no-frills but reliable. I don't need any bells and whistles but want at least 19" of viewable screen and VCR hookup capabilty. I don't want to spend a lot of money (under $175) and was wondering if Daewoo made a half decent set because I saw a 19" advertised for $120. Also, when a TV is advertised 19", is that the actual screen size. I currently have a TV that is 19" total width with the screen size being only about 16-1/2".
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I would imagine that most things have a warrenty for at least 1 year (don't quoke me on that) , If you get 2 years out of it , at $ 120 it has well paid you itself. Size is measured diagnolly , example bottom left corner to top right corner, you could even lose a inch or so with the frame covering.

Any tv with that can be hooked up to an antenna or cablevision (of couse it must be or you could not receive anything) can be hooked up a vcr, not all tv have video/asuio jacks on them , but you don't need them to run a vcr with them.

Some people stick with name brands (like sony, etc) and would never buy a cheap brand , and hopefully you are buying workmanship and not as in some cases just a name. People have the tendency to associate price with durability , saying if I pay 3 times as much it will last at least 3 times as long, that may or may nto be the always the case. If you are anything like me, I buy cheap, when a problem develops that I can't fix myself , I just replace it, paying for labour is something I am alergic to. , and avoid it if at all possible.

If you look at the tv and are satified with the quality of the picture , then you are the one that will be enjoying it not the high/fi stereo geek down the street. I am not at liberty to know which brands are known to break down more often, I don't have that information.

You usually have a week or two to return for a full refund after purchase (depends on store policy) should any defects show up at that time, and then you have a warrenty period. So a no thrills 19 inch for $ 120 , and if it looks good to you, why not, but again it is up to you.

I do realize that there is an old saying you get what you pay for, and in a lot of respects that can be true, but also value for the dollar can also hold true, and what you can aford, and in today's age what you have to budget what you can budget and you have to get what you can and make do for what you have.

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Cool TV's

Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba, JVC. In that order. My personal experience is Panasonic and Toshiba. I have both (and the Samsung 20") in my home and all have performed perfectly over the last ten years. The Samsung had to have some soldering done on the board after 7 years of flawless performance. My Panasonic 27" is on almost 24/7 and is 6 years old, no problems, my 27" and 32" Toshiba's 27" is 10 and the 32 is 3 have both performed flawlessly.
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