55in. Hitachi flat screen console tv


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Red face 55in. Hitachi flat screen console tv

Don't know how old the tv is, but one morning i woke to a blank & black screen. Hasn't came on since. Is this worth fixin or should i get rid of it.
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Sorry the tv is a 60 or 65 inch. See above email
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Sounds like it went kaput. I'd start shopping for a new one.
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Its a 2006yr 65 in. Hitachi flat screen console. Model#65F59A Serial#V6G003650. Is it worth fixin. Someone said it needed some type of fuse changed but don't know where it is & how to change it.

Thanks for your help
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Unplug it completely first. Leave unplugged for 15-20 min. When you plug it back in, observe any noises or indicators on the front.

The Pro's will be around later, but I have a 55" Hitachi plasma that has given good service since 2007. If you have an extra $700 you can replace yours easily (prices have really dropped), but it might be as simple as a fuse and a service call for $125 or so. Anything more than $200 with a guarantee, I'd recycle it and shop for new.

Wait for the Pro's to look it up and weigh in.
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Sorry for the late reply. I'll keep this short and reply later tonight with more info.
These newer TVs rarely have replaceable fuses.
What tends to go in these (both LCD and plasma) is the capacitors in the power supply.
I would take the advise above. Unplug the TV for 15-20 minutes. Also worth hitting the power button twice while it is unplugged. Sometimes this helps dicipate stored energy in the components. If this is like my Hitachi plasma, there may be a main power button on the side or bottom (hard button) and a secondary switch which is only a momentary switch to them it on and off. Be sure the main is pushed on when hitting the secondary with it unplugged. When you plug it in, take note of lights, noises or anything else. Try turning it on and take notes again. Report back
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