Help me Plan Ceiling Speaker In Home System


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Help me Plan Ceiling Speaker In Home System

Hi guys,

I want to install ceiling speakers (12 total) throughout my 2000 square foot single story home with plenty of attic space throughout. I want it as low cost as possible and the following:

Volume control switch on the walls that are drywall built.
Be able to have the receiver in the attic.
Wirelessly play music/Pandora from any Bluetooth source.

I can figure out what ceiling speakers I want but need suggestions on what to get and what type of speaker wire etc.
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Not really answering your question directly, but here is my experience given the advances in technologies. 12 years ago, I did exactly what you propose - Speakers on the outside deck, speakers in the kitchen and a really nice set in the master suite. All hardwired, with volume controls and run to a central receiver with multi-disk CD player. Loved it.....However, since we have gone all digital with Iphone/Ipods and uploaded all my CD's to digital I never use the speakers anymore. Instead, we all have portable blue tooth speakers that we take with us non-restricted by wires and permanent installations. Music is now in the garage, laundry, out by the firepit, On picnics at the community pool with friends..... You get the picture.

It is a much smaller investment to look at a blue tooth wireless speaker set up and play with it prior to the investment in a hardwired stationary set up.
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If you live alone I suppose you could wire the whole house with speakers driven from a single source. Many receivers allow multiple outputs to handle driving two sources like a TV in one room and music in the other. Unfortunately in all but the rarest case I've never seen anyone with such a system use it much. Generally the room with the big TV always wants the TV playing and ceiling speakers can't compete with a proper 7.1 surround system. Then by the time you select the source and direct the music to the room you want... most people find it more hassle and end up having a small sound system in whichever room they want music or just move the system to whatever room you want. Picking up a little bluetooth speaker pack is often easier than configuring the built-in system.
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If anything, install powered speakers and a source matrix or control for a central distribution system in every room. Of course, the costs are higher.
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Be able to have the receiver in the attic.
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I'd install a 70V distributed system. Individual volume knobs in every room. Pick a discrete spot to mount the rack, such as a pantry, kitchen cabinet, closet. etc. Doing a quick search on ebay, I found the bluetooth reciever for wireless audio. You'll also need a rack-mount mixer and rack-mount amplifier. Another useful thing is a microphone if you want. Get a good quality 70V amplifier such as QSC, Peavey, or Bogen. Avoid brands like Pyle.
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That will still only give him one audio path for the entire house. The more versatility the better these days, which means the option of selecting from several different sources in any room.

Without getting into product bashing, QSC, Crown and Lab Gruppen would be my choice for commercial-grade amps. Bogen and TOA are industrial, trading sound quality for reliability (they have 70v transformers at the outputs, for example, where the others are direct-coupled offering less tolerance for wiring faults).
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I 100% agree with Mossman. Do not put the amp up in the attic. During warmer months (you live in Florida) I would predict the poor thing will not last long.

Don't forget, newer avr's, amplifiers, etc. are more like computers now than ever.

I just bought two cooling fans for my Denon AVR to keep the HDMI module happy as they are very prone to failure.

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