Did My Playstation 2 Slim Overheat?


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Did My Playstation 2 Slim Overheat?

I'm not sure if I'll get any answers for this, but I'll try anyways. I think that my Playstation 2 slim overheated. I have been playing it off and on all day, but have left it on all day without turning it off. Well, I came back to my game that I had put on pause, and it had frozen up. The fan started up really loudly and then all of a sudden, stopped abruptly. The screen was still frozen, so I went to turn the console off expecting everything to be fine when I start it up again (not the first time that my ps2 has frozen). Only the console wouldn't turn off. I held the power button down all different sorts of ways, but the green light wouldn't go off and the pause menu was still up. Desperate to turn it off, I unplugged it. The tv screen went back to input and I plugged the console back in (which was pretty warm by the way) and the red light was on like normal. I turned the console on again and the green light turned on but the screen was still on input with the blue screen. No music or anything from the console. I also couldn't turn the ps2 off without unplugging it. The power button wouldn't work to turn it off. Did my ps2 overheat?

I left it alone for a while, unplugged, and it's finally back to normal. So that's good. ^^

I heard that ps2 slims have trouble with the fans not working well, so they tend to overheat easily. If that's what happened, how can I prevent it from happening again in the future? Would a different surface for the console to sit on (it's on a wooden surface right now) help prevent overheating?

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I searched for an answer to your problem. There were many displeased people with the slim console and it's tendency to shutdown on overheat. It appears that #1 the fan is too small and #2 the fan has really fine blades and clogs with dust very easily.

Cleaning the fan can help. The other "fix" was to mount an external fan over the hot air exhaust drawing more of the heated air out of the unit. There are many types of muffin fans available online for a project like this. A small 12vdc fan with a small plug in wall transformer is about the easiest.

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