Dynex TV not working with Antenna


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Dynex TV not working with Antenna

I purchased a Dynex flat screen TV awhile back but which has never worked properly with my antenna. It has three major problems;

1. If I scan for available channels with the antenna in one direction, then rotate the antenna to a different position and scan again to locate additional channels, I lose all channels from the previous scan. It does not allow for "adding to" existing channels or even manually entering desired channels.

2. The on-screen program guide of upcoming programming displays only the current channel being viewed. By pressing the right arrow I can view the next program but nothing more. Also, the font is so small you must be with 3-4 feet of the screen to read it.

3. When entering a channel number via the remote keypad it will only accept channels found during the last scan. It also forces you to enter not only the channel number but also a decimal followed by the sub-channel number. A very tedious process.

I'm ready to throw out the Dynex and upgrade to something better but don't want to be faced with these same problems on the next TV I buy. Can anyone recommend a TV that will work with my antenna without having the above problems? I've checked with the big box stores but folks there don't seem to have a clue what I'm talking about. All they understand is cable, internet and satellite. Neither do they have any way to demonstrate TV operation with an antenna prior to purchase.

For what it's worth, I also have a 14 year-old Sony Trinitron analog TV with digital converter box, which works perfect and has none of the above problems. Just want a new flat screen HDTV that works as well.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.
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I've found most HDTV's will only allow you to watch a channel that was picked up in the channel scan and they will not allow you to manually add channels to the scanned list.

Possibly someone reading has found a brand that will allow channels to be added on the fly.

As far as the guide...... it's not like cable where the company supplies you with a guide. There is very little advance guide info coming from the broadcast channels.
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I have only worked with two televisions with an ATSC (digital) tuner and both were Samsung. With these it is not possible to add additional stations after a scan. I have also worked with three digital converter boxes and only one (an RCA) allowed for a scan while retaining the channels from an original scan. The other two converters state that additional channels can be added manually but I have never been able to do so.

Some TVs and some converter boxes have a much broader "EPG" (electronic program guide) than others. My Samsung TV will show a full screen with the current channel displayed in the upper left corner with all the channels the set can receive. If the list is long then it is necessary to scroll up and down and the time frame is several hours in most cases and accessed by scrolling left and right. My converters are a bit less, generally only detailing the next program although with the RCA I can scroll up and down to see all programs in the time frame. The other two are limited to the channel selected. All of this information is broadcast OTA by the television station and it is the TV or converter box that decides what to show. Sometimes you get detailed info and sometimes just the title of the program.

My TV (Samsung), my Magnavox recorder and my three digital converter boxes ALL will accept just a one or two digit keypad entry, it just goes to the first active sub-channel for that primary channel. For example my TV is set to accept channel 46.5 and all I need to do is key in 46 and it goes to that channel. With the recorder it will ALWAYS go to the first sub-channel because the recorder does not have the ability to edit sub-channels, only the primary channel. Each of the converter boxes is different in this respect.
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The channels from your first scan are probably still in the TV's memory, when you did the second scan after moving the antenna those first channels were not found, so the TV skipped them.
Somewhere in the TV's menu options should be something called "skip channel" at least that is what it is called on my Vizio, it might be called something else on your TV, that menu option will probably be in the same area as the channel scan.
Once you are into the skip channel screen, you should see a list of all the channels in the TV's memory, there should be check boxes next to each channel, on my Vizio a checked channel meant that is was skipped, it might be different on your TV.
Try unchecking all the channels and see if you can receive everything.

I hope this helps.

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Issues with Dynex TV

Thanks to all who responded to my earlier post. I checked and my Dynex TV does have a “Skip Channel” feature so I gave it a try to see if I could restore channels from a previous antenna scan. This apparently worked on Philip’s Vizio but it doesn’t work on the Dynex. When I enter “Skip Channel” it displays only the channels from the last scan. Adjacent to each channel number is a box marked “Play”, all containing a check mark. Un-checking a box for any channel will cause it to skip that channel but there is no way to add channels from an earlier scan. What a shame! Even my 14-year-old Sony has an "add channel" feature.

The converter box used with my Sony Trinitron is a Digital Stream (purchased at Radio Shack) and it provides an excellent EPG. Pressing EPG on the remote opens an on-screen window with a header containing the channel number, call sign, month, day, date and time. Below that a table shows the current program followed by the next four scheduled programs with the start and end times for each. Arrows allow scrolling through 24 hours of programming for the current channel. Highlighting any one program and clicking okay brings up detailed information about the selected program. The EPG is nicely done in a font easily read some 15 ft. across the room. Much better than the Dynex which should come with a set of binoculars. Of the more than 50 channels I receive, there are only a few that don’t broadcast an EPG.

The Digital Stream converter also accepts a one or two digit channel entry, which takes you very quickly to the first sub-channel as its default. This is a lot more user friendly than the Dynex where you must enter the channel number followed by the decimal and sub-channel number. Furthermore, the Dynex only allows you to key in those channels picked up on the last scan.

Still hoping to find an HDTV without all the problems inherent in the Dynex machine. Sales people can’t tell me anything about how these features work. Seems TV manufacturers have failed to consider that many folks are still using antennas for reception.

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