TV Wall mount studs too far apart


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TV Wall mount studs too far apart

I just moved out to apartment and want to re-mount my tv. I was renting a room in a house and the studs were 16"OC. Unfortunately my studs in my new apartment are 32" OC. I didn't even know they get this far apart! Can someone walk me through the ply-wood process? Or simply direct me to a website that has a good walk through? Thank you for your help
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Welcome to the forums.

Not to doubt you but are you sure the studs are 32" OC ?
That would be a rarity.

If that is indeed the case you have several options.
The easiest but not the most effective is to cut a piece of 3/4" plywood, maybe a nice piece of 13 ply birch, 34" long and attach it to both studs with screws. It would have to be at least as tall as your TV mounting brackets.

The other way is to go in from the other side of the wall, if it's a closet, and actually open the sheetrock up and install blocking from stud to stud.

I just installed a Sanus bracket yesterday that fastens to one stud with two lag bolts. It's a swiveling type of mount. That would be another alternative.

I'm not a real big fan of hanging a TV on one stud but this bracket was certainly strong enough to do the job.
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Flat mounts are one thing, but I only use the one-stud articulating mounts for small/light TV's, no more than 30lbs. Anything over that I insist on a two-stud, because I'm not going to be responsible when it comes crashing down.

I highly doubt you have 32" between the studs - especially in an apartment building (and if you do I seriously hope there aren't any floors above you! ). The maximum code spacing is 24" OC. How are you doing your stud finding? Are you doing 'knock and drill'? If so, I would highly recommend you go get an electronic stud finder. They're only like $10, and they will help you find the exact center of the stud - which you need in order to run the lag bolts in without splitting the stud. I'm sure you will find another stud between the others.
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I had one install where I couldn't find the stud between two others that were 32 inches apart. It was a non-load-bearing wall in an older building and the stud had broken loose from the top plate and lathe and fallen away from the wall. The building was next to a busy rail line, so I assumed the vibration had taken its toll. I went above the drop ceiling, knocked a hole in the wall, and screwed the stud back into the top plate. The stud had originally been cut 1/2 inch too short and they used it anyway. (Needless to say, I got out of that building ASAP.)
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(Needless to say, I got out of that building ASAP.)
Quality craftsmanship. Can't blame you there.

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