Anyone know what is wrong with my TV?

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My friend gave me a Zenith SL2784BT tv and told me that if i could fix it that I could have it. I know a little bit about tv repair but not a whole lot. The problem is that after the tv is turned on, works great for about 10 minutes and then the screen turns blue and shuts off. The audio continues to work but the picture will not come back on until you turn off the tv for about 15 minutes. When the picture is on, it is a beautiful picture. i took the back off the tv to give it a visual check but I did not see anything out of the ordinary. Can anyone give me some help or at least a point in the right direction? Thanks in advance.
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This shoulds like either a cold solder joint or a heat sensitive component, possibily in the high voltage section.
Unless you have a eye for it and some experience on working on tv's and know the dangers of high voltage,(capacitors can hold a charge even if the tv is unplugged) I would leave it for the experts to look at it. If it is only a cold solder joint ,and you know when it works it is a great tv, then it may be worth the repair, enquire about it at a reputable repair shop, and decide from there.
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Good Evening, johimbo:

From what you have told me, it is one of two things:
(1) the B-Y amplifier is shorting out causing the blue gun to saturate on the picture tube. This, in turn, overdrives the high voltage on the picture tube and drags the tube to a non-conductive state (ie: black)
(2) second thought is that the blue gun in the picture tube is shorted and it reproduces the same effect as (1)

If the problem turns out to be (1), that amounts to a replacement of an IC circuit and is not too expensive. If the problem is (2), take out a loan on the house.

Either way, you need techical experience above the normal homeowner's repair to make the determination which is the problem.

Just some thoughts from Smokey.


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