4 small speakers


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4 small speakers

I need 4 small wired speakers and a junction box to connect them to the receiver without
cramming 4 wires onto 2 clamps...I want decent speakers ,maybe 6 inch roughly, with good
wire lugs on the back,easy to get to. Polks??? others??? under 100$ total... can anyone recommend a few ideas???I dont want wireless...
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I like polk speakers for the money. Decent speaker with high sensitivity, so they are louder given less RMS power. You mentioned a junction box. Make sure to check the ohm rating on your receiverůmake sure you wire them correctly (series or parallel). You may be able to pick up some Klipsch used on Ebay. Great speaker for the money.
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Why use a junction box? Just pigtail another length of wire on using wirenuts. Check the output impedance on the amp and match the speakers correctly. In series the impedance would be additive....but will work out to 1/2 of the speaker value in parallel (only for 2 speakers). For instance, two 4 ohm speakers in series would be 8 ohms total, but only 2 ohms in parallel. The parallel calculation would change with more than 2 speakers.

These are rough. Its not exactly that way since speakers are different than regular resistors.
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If you can't get the impedance quite right, it is better for the speaker or speaker array to have an overall impedance greater than the amplifier output impedance as opposed to lower.

For example with a 4 ohm amp output and the speakers can be wired for 2 ohms or 8 ohms only, use the 8 ohm wiring.

For two 4 ohm speakers connected to one amp channel, use series wiring for 8 ohms, i.e. wire from amp to first speaker's positive terminal, connect short wire from first speaker's negative terminal to second speaker's positive terminal, connect wire from second speaker's negative terminal to amp.
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