Help wiring a wall mounted TV with HDMI and Cat 5 cable but need RF remote)


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Help wiring a wall mounted TV with HDMI and Cat 5 cable but need RF remote)

Hello DIYers.. I'm new to this forum and could use some help wiring up my TV that I just mounted to the wall above our fireplace.

It's all working except for one thing.. We have DISH for our TV service and the Dish receiver is in another room so I use the RF remote feature so the Dish remote can control the TV.. The Coax cable with the little Dish Network supplied antenna is mounted low on the wall and often behind a chair. I've noticed that when using the dish remote to change the station or control the volume, etc, it only works intermittently unless I get very close to the antenna.. I've tried putting in fresh batteries in the remote, but that doesn't seem to help make it work more consistently.. So what I was hoping was to extend the antenna so it is longer and up closer to where the TV is.

I spent a bunch of time running cables behind the walls from this low spot up to where the TV is. I've got the walls all patched up and am loath to rip open the walls again (I've got old lathe and plaster walls which makes it tougher to patch, messier, etc). Cabling that I have running up to the TV is: HDMI cable (run directly from the dish receiver to the TV), electrical power and a CAT 5 cable to run from my router for Netflix.

What I was hoping I could do is use the Cat 5 cable for 2 purposes.. is there any way to use one of the wires in the Cat 5 cable as an antenna extension for the RF remote (I'm hoping just attach it to the end of the current little dongle extension down low) but at the same time have the remaining 7 wires in the cat 5 service the Netflix service? Is that at all doable? Any other ideas that would make the remote work better but not have a wire showing outside my walls?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can provide
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Welcome to the forums.

I wasn't familiar with the remote antenna you mentioned so I looked it up. It's a remote antenna that is supposed to pick up the RF from the remote better.

In googling "dish remote antenna" I came across many unhappy dish customers with a poor remote range problem. Many increased reception by just adding more coax to the line and raising the antenna. Others added an antenna amplifier to the line.

Due to the UHF frequencies used you can't use the Cat5 cable to help move the signal.

Maybe other members have come up with their own solutions.
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My remote uses RF to communicate with the Dish receiver. The antenna is mounted directly to the back of the receiver (in the basement) and works perfectly throughout the house. Make sure the remote's RF channel is not default or the same as one of the broadcasting stations in your area.
I had to change the channel from the default because a couple of the nearby neighbors also have Dish.

Television functions are controlled by the Dish remote's IR blaster.
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One of my receivers uses a RF and reception was spotty at the far end of the house and downstairs. I used coax cable to relocate the antenna to a central part of the house (inside a closet) and have good reception and and control throughout the house.
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All -
thanks a ton for responding..

sounds like you guys have had good luck with putting the remote antenna pretty much anywhere, so my desire to move it 10 or so feet up the wall (closer to the TV) shouldn't really make that much difference/be all that important.

Sounds like I need to play around with it a bit more to figure out why it isn't picking up the clicker signal consistently.

Thanks again!
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You could use the NextGen remote extender. You place the "flying saucer" near the satelite receiver and put the transmitter/battery in your Dish remote. I have Directv and have been using this setup for serveral years now with no problems.

NextGen Remote Extender Plus

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