Extending coax cable - ground wire needed?


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Extending coax cable - ground wire needed?

While I have the walls open for some other work, I'm looking to add another coax jack. I have seen some coax labeled as "with ground wire" and others not marked as such.

I have satellite TV. As far as I can tell, things seem to be properly grounded where the service enters the house. There is a solid copper conductor that runs from the cable box on the side of the house, and into the main panel in the basement. Do I need to use coax in the house which is marked as "with ground wire?"
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You do not need to carry a ground wire thru the house with the wiring. That Siamese cable with the ground is normally used outside of the house.

You can use standard RG-6 or RG-6 quad shield. My personal choice is the quad shield cable.
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Actually, RG6 quad shield is not really recommended for CATV. Mainly because the density of the braid is much less in quad shield. Articles available on line indicate that most "regular quality" (that is not "high" quality) quad shield has aluminum shield and only offers approximately 76% shielding and is typically out performed by 95% copper shielded coax by 2 to 1 at the lower frequencies and 10 to 1 at the higher frequencies. If you will notice, if you compare the "density of the shield even on "regular" coax, with the shield in quad coax, the quad shield braid is sparse in comparison. The foil part is considered two shields because there is aluminum on both sides of the Mylar which really doesn't add a significant amount of shielding in comparison to the braid.

It's not that it wont work .... it's just that if you do have an interference problem, the 95% copper shield will do a better job. You can think of it as .... there's less resistance in the dense copper braid which offers an easier path for interference to ground. This is as it applies to CATV. At other frequencies and for other uses, the result will differ.

I'm not an expert, however and the above is just a synopsis of articles I found.
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Don't confuse CATV with CCTV. RG6 with a 95% copper braid is used in security applications and is usually not used for CATV. The preferred center conductor is solid copper for security. For CATV it is usually copper-clad steel, however bare solid copper is also used. The shield is foil + braid, usually aluminum.

As our homes move further into digital you'll see more 100% foil with 95% copper shields and bare copper centers for wide bandwidth, high-frequency distribution.
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