TV antennas and digital reception

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I'm getting tired of the increases in my monthly cable bill and am considering installing an antenna. Attic seems like best location. Since the FCC will mandate digital in a few years do you need special antenna for reception? Any other tips with regard to antennas, I'd hate to be outdated in a few years.
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Good Morning, MrsPeel:
You will most likely not like what I am about to say. The days of television stations transmitting to a roof antenna are numbered and this fix would be short lived. High definition television will become the standard and the old TV transmitters will disappear one by one.

Everyone grumbles about the cable bills but the cable companies are faced with serious upgrades to their systems to accommodate the new technology. And, too, they are in some stiff competition with the satellite transmissions.
The things that are coming require the old cable to be replaced with fiber optics. The bottom line is that we all will end up paying for our television signals before too long. And they will either be available on a cable or from the satellite in the sky. A new era is about to happen.

But, if you desire a short lived fix and live in an area where you can receive a decent transmitted picture, then you can stop at Radio Shack and pick up a good antenna at a decent price. I do not recommend putting it in the attic because attic installations are usually plagued with ghost images and weak signals. They take a bit of serious engineering to make them functional.

In all cases, the best reception is achieved with the antenna outside and about six feet above the highest point of the roof. A directional antenna is best because it is less prone to ghost images. If the location of the transmitters is spaced around you, the obvious solution is to install a rotor on the antenna so you can physically move it around from your living room to achieve best signal.

If you desire further information, come back anytime. Give
my regards to Mr. Steed and Mother. LOL.


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