Recommendations on A/V Receiver or Soundbar?

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Recommendations on A/V Receiver or Soundbar?

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone has some recommendations for an A/V receiver or soundbar. I'm looking for 2.1, 3.1 or 5.1 channels, and my set-up is currently as follows (with an old, breaking down receiver):

-cable set-top box, DVD player and Xbox all connected via HDMI to an HDMI switch, which is then connected to our tv via HDMI;
-tv audio connected to a/v receiver via analogue (the red and white plugs; tv does NOT have an HDMI out, although it does have an optical out);
-CD player connected to a/v receiver via analogue (again, the red/white plugs);
-a/v receiver is then connected to three speakers (left, front, middle) and powered subwoofer.

The receiver is dying (the front left and the middle connections to speakers are basically dead - all speakers work perfectly well in other systems but not when connected to the front left and middle connections).

So, does anyone have any recommendations of either an A/V receiver or soundbar? I am not all that familiar with soundbars, so I'm not sure if they can then be connected to my current speakers or if a soundbar would make the speakers redundant. Or is there a third option I don't know about?

Here's the kicker - we don't care all that much about sound quality and are hoping to spend no more than $150 (and preferably no more than about $125). Is this doable?

Any help or advice (including: "You're crazy; what you want will cost WAY more!) would be greatly appreciated!

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A soundbar will replace your existing speakers, and comes with it's own subwoofer. But a good soundbar system will cost much more than your budgeted $125. One suggestion I have, if you want to stick to your budget, is look for a used surround sound receiver. I see very good quality surround sound receivers on Craig's List all the time for $100 or less. I recently bought a top of the line Denon surround sound receiver for $50, all because the owner wanted a newer one with HDMI connections. A used receiver would enable you to utilize the investment in your existing speakers and subwoofer, and give you the capability to listen to FM as well as your CD player.

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