CD play skips first tracks misaligned?


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CD play skips first tracks misaligned?

older Technics CD play skips first trackss of CDs have tried several cleaner, alignment discs

any ideas how to fix

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In my experience, when they go they go, and there's no fixing. They're pretty cheap nowadays. Probably best to just replace IMO.
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The laser pickup could be out of alignment but there is no easy way to readjust it as takes specialize test equipment to reset it.
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One more vote for replacing. Odds are you'll be replacing it with a DVD or Blu-Ray player as there just really aren't CD-only players being made any longer.
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1. The grease that was applied at the factory has hardened causing erratic movement of gears, etc.
2. The gears and other mechanical parts have worn so parts rattle instead of track tightly and consistently and in line.
3. The laser element has worn from the hours of laser emission so now the beam is fatter than it should be causing difficulty tracking the tiny pits that make of the stored data.
4. Dust has accumulated inside the mechanism, among other things, blocking the laser beam..
5. The motors and servos are worn so the bearings rattle causing uncanny vibrations as well as inability to position the laser carriage consistently and correctly.

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