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I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask this question but:

I recently got an Amazon Fire TV unit and have been researching how best to use it.

I keep hearing that a lot of people love to add KODI to it but I'm not sure why.

What is so great about this that people think it's the best thing since sliced bread?

I already get to view a lot of movies just with the Fire TV alone, will KODI let me see more or something?

Thank you
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Kodi borders on illegal activity of downloading or streaming movies, etc. It bypasses the revenue generating ability of the other outlets. We can't condone its use on the forums due to what the potential is.
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Do you condone the internet?
Kodi also allows access to your own files via your own home network. Fire TV doesn't come with the ability to do that. It can also connect to a much wider world of subscription services than is native to Fire TV. Kodi is unrestricted and open source so the potential exists for it to connect to ANY location on the internet, so yes it can be pointed to pirated content. It's THAT aspect that should be discouraged.

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