VCR only plays tape for 2 seconds

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My VCR would only show picture for about 2 seconds and then it stops. Do you all have any ideas as to what might be wrong? I have cleaned the head and checked the belts, and everything were fine. I am really lost. Please help. Thanks.
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Cool cleaned

When you say cleaned do you mean a cleaning tape? If so throw it away unless it is the felt pad wet type! The dry tape type cleaners will destroy your video heads. Now what is happening is... Look down between the two reel tables, that's where the the two holes in the tape set to pull the tape along. Now do you see a white gear or tire assembly that move back and forth between the two tables? That is the "Idler assembly". It actually pulls the tape back onto the take up/supply reels. If it is a tire it is easy to replace, if it is the gear type it's a little harder to find but still can be replaced for very little money and a little patience. What actually pulls the tape along at speed is the pinch roller, it too needs to be replaced as well as the belts. If these parts have not been replaced in say four years then replace them, clean the heads with paper towel squares and denatured alcohol. NEVER use Q-tips to clean the chrome video head! Lay the wet paper towel piece against the video head with your index finger with firm but not hard pressure and rotate the head back and forth until clean, changing the paper as needed. You can use Q-tips everywhere else but not the chrome head.

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