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I have a Yorx compact home audio system that has CD, record, 2 tape players and a radio. I've had it for over 10 or more years and never had any problems until now. I know record players are kind of old news but I still like records and hopefully somebody can help me.A few months ago I was taping a record of some cello sonatas and after it finished the turntable stopped working.The owners manual was useless in this problem, could somebody please help me out in how to fix this problem. I would hope its not that hard to do.Records are popular in the city I live in and I have plenty of records that I still would like to play.I thought maybe the record player hated Chopin and Shostakovich so stopped working in protest, but seriously,someone please help,why does the turntable not turn anymore, is the motor gone or something to do with the arm???Thank you for your help, merci beaucoup.
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2 things I want you to check...

1. turn on the record player and turn the platter with your hand , does sound come out on the speakers ?

2. I want you to listen closely to the record player to see if you can detect a motor being engaged when power is applied and the platter should be turning .

You could have a broken drive belt. Should that be the case , if a replacement cannot be found, there is places that will make one for you, just don't throw out all the broken pieces of belt, they might use it to determine a size measurement.

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Smokey says amen to this post. Great job, Don.

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