Connecting headphone jack to speakers


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Connecting headphone jack to speakers

I have a C Crane radio with a headphone out and I want to connect raw speaker wires to the radio thru this port. The speakers are tiny and dont require any power to speak of.
So I need an rca jack on one end and a speaker wire connection( 2 speakers,4 wires total) on the other end.....what adaptor would you use??
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A portable radio uses a 1/8" jack (also called mini phone plug) for headphone output.
So I'm not sure where the RCA jack is needed.

If the radio had a LINE OUT jack.... then you would use RCA.

You can search for "1/8" mono plug to bare wires" and get many hits. The one below is just one place. 3.5mm is also another name for the headphone plug.

This is overprice but probably what you need.

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Since the radio is most likely mono..... you would just connect the two speakers together to one plug. Be advised that those portable radios have very small amplifiers in them so your external speakers may not be very loud.
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I agree with Pete and doubt you will need RCA jacks. Your radio probably uses mini plugs for both headphones and line out.
For stereo you can go stereo mini plug to a double RCA out wye adapter, but you probably don't require that. The stereo mini cord and dual RCA out adapter are two separate cords.

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