Digital Converter Box Questions


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Digital Converter Box Questions

I have an old (1998) Memorex portable TV VHS player, which I am trying to connect to a digital converter box. However, the TV does not have the 3 red white and yellow connectors for the RCA cable, which came with the converter. It simply has plugs (4) for audio and video in and out. I get power, but the VHS player ejects the tapes I've put in. Is there a way for me to connect it to the box so that I can watch TV on the set? Are there converters made which would match my TV? I am just trying to keep another device from ending up in the landfill.
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It simply has plugs (4) for audio and video in and out.
That should do it.

Connect the yellow line from the box to the VIDEO in jack.
Connect the white line from the box to the AUDIO in jack.
You could get a Y cable and join the red and white lines to the AUDIO in jack but it's not imperative.
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Most DTV converters I've owned have the option of connecting the TV via traditional coaxial cable or AV connections. I'm guessing your Memorex TV is a mono model and has only a video and one audio input. If that's the case, most converter boxes will output a mono audio signal if you use the white jack on the converter box.

If the VHS portion of the set is ejecting tapes as soon as you insert them, then that's whole different issue, unrelated to the converter box.

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