Sony Bravia moved and will not display 1080P now????


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Sony Bravia moved and will not display 1080P now????

I have a Sony Bravia model 46s4100 TV.
For years it sat in my living room displaying 1080P resolution as indicated when changing to an HD channel.
I upgraded TVs and moved it to the bedroom the other day and it no long indicates it's getting a 1080 signal but rather a 720. The cable company thought that the box was at fault and exchanged it but it did nothing.
So I decided to see if the TV was at fault and tried to so if something happened when I moved it and if I could change the default resolution.
I went through the book and found little so I went to the Sony website for my specific TV and found almost nothing there either.
I tired the reset procedure but it does not seem to work right or at all?
Any idea on what the problem might be?
II thought it might be the cable box still so I changed the box out to the box in the living room that I know displayed 1080P before so it's the TV and I cannot figure this out.

On edit, I finally got into the hidden secret menu on the TV cable box. The box was set up as 720P default! I changed it and all it now OK.
When I told the cable company that I needed a box to put out 1080P they gave me another box but did not check it's output. Piss poor service.

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