Type of extension cords


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Type of extension cords

Regarding a typical 4k HDTV & accompanying equipment - obviously you want a surge protector but what if you need an extension cord between the TV and the actual surge protector. Does it matter what type? Will it affect the surge protector working properly?
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No, the surge suppressor does it's job independent of what's plugged into it. I only buy extension cords that have a ground. Not every appliance has a ground plug but it's nice to not be boxed in by an extension cord.
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Keep in mind that code says extension cords are only for temporary use, defined as less than 90 days. It sounds like you need to have a new receptacle or two installed.
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Unfortunately to install a new receptacle closer would require damaging a wall that I'd prefer not to damage
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I supposed that you can circumvent the issue of extension cords being temporary by installing an uninterruptible power supply (usually has built in surge suppression). That sits on the floor below the TV set and you plug the TV set and perhaps some other things into it.

In my case I needed a UPS but installed an independent section of in-wall wiring with receptacles (for TV set, etc.) connected only to a male receptacle on the wall in another room where the portable UPS sat. Of course an extension cord connected the UPS to the male receptacle although the cord was unplugged some of the time.

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