HDMI to projector audio


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HDMI to projector audio

I am connecting a blu-ray player to a projector via an HDMI cable. We are stuck with the basic audio from the projector. Is there a way I can access audio signals for amplification? Does someone make an "HDMI pass-thru" device with audio outputs?

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You should have some type of audio output jacks on the blu-ray player.
It may only be an optical/digital output that would need conversion.
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What are you using to amplify the audio? Yes, the tiny speaker in a projector is mostly inadequate for any decent sound. The simplest way
(perhaps not the cheapest, but the simplest...) is to use an AV receiver with several HDMI inputs. Plug your BR player into the receiver -
along with a cable box, game system, etc - and then one HDMI out of the receiver to your projector. The receiver will take care of separating the video signal from the audio. In essence an AV receiver is an "HDMI pass-thru" device in that it will pass the video signal thru the receiver to your projector while sending the audio signals to the amps and speakers.
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Yes, you can find several sorts of "HDMI audio extractor" boxes online, the basic ones output to stereo RCA plugs,
higher end ones provide sound as optical/digital output.

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