How to connect a DVDPlayer


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How to connect a DVDPlayer

How do you connect a dvd player to directv or to a tv that only has 1 satellite connection?
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The DVD is a player so it won't connect to the directTV. It needs to be connected to your TV.

The DVD player should have multiple outputs and the TV should have multiple inputs.
You can leave the direct connected using the HDMI input and use an A/V input for the DVD player.

It's kind of hard offering additional help without knowing what you have there.
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Get a "component video" cable set. This has red, green, and blue RCA plugs. It requires audio plugs, too, a white and a second red, either part of the cable assembly, or as a second cable in the package, or sold separately. Almost all DVD players and almost all modern TV sets have matching jack clusters.

A video cable set with red, white, and yellow plugs will also work although the picture quality won't be as good.

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