"Scrambled Broadcast" message on OTA station


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"Scrambled Broadcast" message on OTA station

I cut the cable and I'm OTA only. Sometimes I get a message on a Vizio TV (~1 year old) in a box in the middle of the screen that reads, "Scrambled Broadcast." Except this is happening on the PBS station, which AFAIK is free to watch. Except it doesn't happen all the time, and even when the message is displayed, the image behind the box looks perfectly normal, no pixelation.

PBS is tough to bring in because of the low transmitter power, and it's near the edge of my antenna's arc of reception, so I was thinking maybe it's a message generated by the TV when the signal is flaky, more or less guessing at the source of the problem. But I can't find any documentation in the owner's manual or at Vizio's website that mentions that phrase, and there's no indication from the image I can see in the background that the signal isn't hunky-dory.

Does anyone else have any experience with Vizio TVs? Or have you seen this with other brands? Or do you have any idea what the source of the message is?
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so I was thinking maybe it's a message generated by the TV when the signal is flaky, more or less guessing at the source of the problem.
That would be my guess. My Samsung sometimes displays "Mode Not Supported" and sometimes it simply states "Weak Signal" along with something about rescanning.
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Have you tried using an amplified antenna or adding an in-line signal amp to your current antenna? That might kick up the signal strength enough to keep the TV happy.
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Is the aound (audio track) good and correct during the times the "scrambled" message is showing?

You might call the station to verify if some of their shows require payment and use of a set top box to unscramble the over-the-air broadcasts.

Some broadcast stations require that a cable company or satellite company pay to carry the programs,. That fee could allow for providing the pay per view shows as unscrambled when those shows are scrambled over the air.
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Sounds like it's got a low signal and interfence, thus the "scrambled signal message". Any large metal objects nearby - water tower, shed or barn with a tin roof?

I've had good results with OTA broadcast by mounting an old fashioned pair of rabbit ears, and UHF "bow tie" inside the attice, at the peak, then running basic coax cable to the various OTA boxes/TVs.

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