Seeburg HF 110G Jukebox problem

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Seeburg HF 110G Jukebox problem

a question to the group.
i have a Seeburg HF100G juke box.
The problem is unit will scan contiuesly from left to right when a selection is picked and not pick or play selection.
I am not shore if this is a problem with the contact block not aligning with the pin switches.
If someone has any advice on this I would appreciate any help.
I am in the process of obtaining a service manual for unit.
This problem is intermittent. Thanks for any help you could provide.
Bob H
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Welcome to the forums.

Although this is a DIY site..... you won't find many people specializing in jukeboxes here. I have worked on a few dozen but don't specialize in their repairs. You need to be very mechanically inclined to spot the problems.
That's one of the first Seeburg Select-O-Matic 100's built in 1953. Very cool. Lots of contacts to clean on that unit. Uses magnetically activated levers for selections.

I was going to recommend Yahoo groups/Seeburg but see you've already tried over there

Cool site for jukebox owners/lovers... ahjbs-jukebox society
Tony Miller has a wealth of information on his Seeburg site. Check this out first....
Seeburg Jukeboxes and Home Units of the 60s, 70s, and early 80s
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Yes, get on the forums for your machine. They have a wealth of knowledge. In the end you're going to have to dig into it. I have a lot of experience with pinball and arcade machines from that era and they can be frustrating at times. Worst is that electro mechanical machines need to be regularly and properly "exercised" to help keep the moving parts from sticking and electrical contacts from corroding. The machine may have worked perfectly the last time you used it but after sitting for a couple months without use gremlins often appear.

When exercising the machine you need to make it do whatever to actuate all of it's features and motions to make sure all the contacts, solenoids and motors get activated. Sometimes problems will clear themselves up with use. Other times you just have to get in there and find the component that controls the problem feature and find out why it's not working.
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Is the problem only with (and always happening with) certain selections or is the problem intermittent regardless of which selection you make?

Can you see in the rear a little carriage that runs back and forth in unison with the main record player carriage in front? May need to remove a full width metal cover strip in back and perhaps withdraw the entire mechanism out the back partially.

Can you see an array of tiny pin switches (one format of the magnetically operated levers) (in two rows running the full width of the mechanism)? (It's low down on the mechanism unit and facing down so you have to get down and look up at it.)

Can you see the pin that was displaced when you made the (push button) selection out front? Is the pin all the way displaced compared with a manually displaced pin? (watch your fingers since there are moving parts nearby)? Does a manually displaced pin always play the applicable selection?
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I agree with Pete, the late Tony Miller's site had EVERYTHING you need to know on this. Tony actually worked at Seeburg, building jukeboxes. Sadly, he passed away a few years ago, but his site appears to live on. He gave me a lot of personal help as I restored my Seeburg S100. Good luck.

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