TV Antenna - Where can I get a Medium Directional TV Antenna?

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I went to and typed in my address and they recommended a Medium Directional TV Antenna with a pre-amp. My question is where can I get a Medium Directional TV Antenna? And does anyone have a suggestion on make/model?
Thanks in advance!
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Good Afternoon, javahead:

I can understand your frustrations with these things. Tell me a little bit about what you want to achieve, your location, etc. I can then determine more about what you need.

We're here to help.

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Thanks! I don't watch very much TV due to my hectic schedule so I don't feel it feasible to buy cable. All I'm after are the local channels with news and sports. I have an indoor rabbit-ear-antenna but it has to be adjusted for almost every channel. That makes it difficult to record games since I have to check the antenna each time and undoubtedly forget ;-) We’re located just outside of Atlanta and there are no 4-story structures around so reception shouldn’t be a problem (I think). Any Ideas?
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Good Morning, javahead:

Okay, that gives me an idea of what you are trying to achieve. Anything is better than rabbit ears, believe me.

Go to Radio Shack for everything you need. They sell their "Archer" series which is, I believe, Winegard. They have them in sizes depending on how far away the transmitter is located. So, the sizes range from 50 miles to 150-200 miles and each one gets a little bigger.

Most of the antennae are very directional but if you are back away from Atlanta, one antenna will do nicely. And they have the different mounting systems, the antenna pipe, and, of course, the coaxial cable and matching transformers.

Of course, in a very few years, this will be obsolete. When the industry transfers to HDTV (high definition TV), the antenna and the television set will become obsolete.
So, if you are going to buy an outdoor antenna, don't spend to much and don't make it too elaborate.

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Just a few comments to add...

I don't beleive HDTV will come in cold turkey and one day the old system will be replace with the new. Eventually that will be the case, but will go thru a period of phasing in , in which possibly they will dual transmit both modes, and also have conversion adapters that will enable the old tv's to be used with the new broadcast system.

Most jack of all channel outside antenna's will work. I had one instance in a location in Nova Scotia (east coast of canada) that a multi-channel antenna simply would not perform well for a perticular channel. I had to obtain a 1 channel specific beam to do the job, but then again, the transsmitter location had a mountain and the Bay of Fundy between me and it.

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