Green Zenith, help Smokey

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My 1994 Zenith has started to go green, even if i turn the color all the way down to b&w, it's still green. I saw you tell someone else thier green zenith could have a bad G-Y amplifier, and was wondering if this was it and if thier was a quick fix for it and if so how?
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Good Morning, hobbzey:

You got a grin from Smokey when I saw your header on this post. LOL

1994? Well, that puts 7-8 years of running on that picture tube and "starting to go green" doesn't lead me to the color amplifiers. I would be inclined to think the red and blue guns in the picture tube have gotten a little tired and left the green gun predominant.

But, if Zenith has their ducks in a row, there should be adjustments inside the set to compensate for this problem.
This can be a "doityourself" evolution if you feel up to it.

1) turn the color off so that you have a black and white picture.

2) Turn the set off, unplug it, and remove the back of the set. You may need to remove a clip on the power cord or maybe not.

3) Look toward the back of the set in and around the main
circuit boards within the set. One of them (most likely under the neck of the picture tube) should have three little thumbwheel adjustments. One should be red, another is green, and another is blue. These should be the color screen controls used to balance the output of each electron gun in the picture tube.

4)Plug the set in and turn it on. Stay back a little while it is powering up. Now let it run for an hour. Grab a cup of coffee and watch "Days of Our Lives" while the set is getting warm.

5) Grab the big mirror out of the hallway and set it up in front of the TV. This is so you can see the picture while you are in back of the set.

Now, since the picture is green, let's concentrate on just the green. Since red and blue are the weaker tubes, adjust the green thumbwheel slightly counterclockwise. Remember, a little movement of the wheel does A LOT OF ADJUSTMENT.
Make slight movements of the wheel and look at the picture.
The green in the picture should drop down until it matches the red and blue.

There is the question of why we don't turn up red and blue.
If a tube is getting weak, driving it harder will increase
the tendency to get weaker. We can gain more life out of the tube by just working with the green.

It is permissible to make slight adjustments on all three until the picture has a decent black and while. When you're done, turn off the TV, unplug it, and put the back on it.

That should cure the problem for a while (maybe a year or maybe six months). Fact is that the picture tube is getting tired. Now is the time to be saving your dollars for that new HDTV you will need when the industry converts
to the new technology.

Let me know how you made out. Smokey cares.

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Wink I'll give It a try, thanks.

Thanks, I'll give it a try as soon as I get off work today, and I'll be sure to tell you how it went, And thanks alot once again!
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Wink You're the man Smokey!

It worked Smokey! The adjustment knobs were even colored Red, Blue, and Green. And they were on the circut board mounted to the back of the tube. And after messing around with the green she now looks like new
Thanks again Smokey!
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Good Afternoon, hobbzey:

Glad it worked out for you. I am sure the color looks a whole lot better, too.

My day wasn't the best, though. The movers brought my stuff to my new place in Tennessee. The suckers dropped my 27" Sony and broke the picture tube. Heads will roll! LOL.

Knowing you made out okay improved the day greatly. Come back and visit now and then.


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