Lg Oled black


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Lg Oled black

Hi every one who can help me out.
i have an Lg Oled Model 55eg9100 that has no sound and no video.Only the the red standby power is on when plugging in the power cable. I try to power up it manually and also with the remote control but nothing. Please help, thanks lot.
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It sounds like a power supply failure. TV's aren't really DIY repair jobs. If I had to guess I'd say the TV may have at least one defective capacitor in the power supply.

There are sites that offer replacement boards but that can be costly and not always easy.
I'm surprised the standby light is not flashing a fault code.
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Have you tried unplugging the set from the wall outlet for a minute, then plugging it back in and trying it. I have a newer Sony that occasionally refuses to turn on via the remote or the control on the set, and unplugging it briefly gets it working again.

That's a newer model TV --- is it still under warranty? If you paid for it with your credit card, many credit cards double the factory warranty. Definitely worth looking into.
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Thank you for your post.
The TV looks like the power supply problem, i have check the inline from the wall to the set and its
is good. I ill keep searching trouble shooting.
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Thanks a lot , i find some information on the schematic diagram and its looks the power supply.
But i will study the schematic. Who know i can get some more information from other members.

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