Sharp TV won't switch on


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Sharp TV won't switch on

Even after unplugging it, leaving it for a few hours and plugging it back in again, this brand new TV (few weeks old) won't come on. Whether I use the remote or the standby button on the set. The red LED changes to blue but no Sharp logo, nothing.

Happened before but it seemed to cure itself. Last time and this time I was casting to a Chromecast plugged into an HDMI port when it went to sleep. Can't access the menu to unset any Eco mode.

Is there a workround (or factory reset) or is this a duff set I'm going to have to return to Amazon?

Thanks in advance
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See if the info in this video helps you.... you tube/watch?v=ZAvXsglOIL4
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Thanks for reply Pj but none of the methods in teh vid worked.

Earlier, today it momentarily flickered with the Sharp logo but went dead again. Think that was with the remote.

Any other ideas?
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Any other ideas?
Return it for a replacement, I believe Amazon pays the freight for returns so it's the best option.

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