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Baja Oklahoma

I have this on VCR and was wondering if these machines for burning it to DVD are worth it and work well.

This is a HBO movie that they now longer show, I'm worried the tape might turn to dust one day.

Can't believe it's 30 years old.

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Well the problem would be finding one. If you find one new, it'll be too pricey, and if it's used, it may not work well.
I bought one years and years ago because I had several to burn so it was worth it. The first one I bought that was cheaper, didn't work 100% of the time, so I bought a more pricey one that always worked. So that's why I say used would be iffy and new would not be worth it.
Have you checked to see if you can buy the movie? Might be cheaper that way.
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I bought my mom a Sony DVD burner for transferring all her old videos over.
It does not copy a copyrighted DVD or VHS tape.

Now...... those burners are almost extinct. I paid almost $700 for it years ago.

I didn't find that movie in the regular DVD locations...... just the VHS version but there are many places selling that DVD. $10-15 is probably a worthwhile investment. Do a google search.

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