Summertime and Television Failures

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I post this every year in hopes that I can save someone from an unnecessary television failure.

In the summer months, the kids are off from school, and the folks take a much needed vacation from home. As such, they close up the house, turn off the AC, and enjoy life in new surroundings.

In high humdidity areas, this can produce the death knell for a television set. The interior of the house gets warm and the humidity rises proportionally. Humidity translates to dampness. The dampness permeates the interior of the television set and accumulates.

The scenario usually is that the family returns home, the kids are bored stiff from the long drive, and the first thing they do is turn on the TV to watch cartoons. The TV
is full of moisture from the air, the high voltage rises to its 25,000 - 50,000 volts, an arc occurs, and the TV dies.
The arc can snuff any range of components including the deflection yoke on the neck of the picture tube. All these items are expensive to replace.

Solution: Run the Air Conditioner for an hour or two before you turn on the TV. That will offer enough reduction in the moisture in the set to minimize failure probabilities.
Let the kids listen to the radio or run outside for a couple hours to get rid of pent up energy. In the long haul, it will save you a lot of dollars in repair or replacement costs of the beloved boob tube.

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This worth posting. Saves a lot of television sets in the summer months.

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