TV mount level but TV is not


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TV mount level but TV is not

So I made the dumb decision to buy a cheap tv mount on amazon. The mount is perfectly level, even checked it with a 4 ft level and dead on. When I hand the TV on it, the left side it about a 1/4" out of level. At first I thought it might be a slight bow in the ceiling but measured the ceiling from the floor on both sides of the TV and both the same height. This mount is a 15 degree tilt mount and does not have any leveling screw's on top of the arms mounted directly to the TV. Any tricks on how to get the TV level itself since the mount is level? I would take the mount down and "unlevel" it but the problem is the holes for the lag bolts will be so close, they wont tighten enough.
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Try loosening the TV mounting screws and straighten it. The holes are usually a bit oversized so you can rotate it a bit. The same with your mounting screws to the wall. Loosen them a bit and see if you can rotate the mount to make the TV level.
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I would check every where there are screws or bolts on the mount including any pivot points. Loose screws or bolts is are not uncommon with those mounts.
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I second the advice on attempting to adjust the brackets on the back of the TV to try to straighten things out. I never level the mount if there are any other objects nearby that aren't perfectly level. Otherwise, the TV will look skewed in relationship to the other object. For instance, I have my TV hanging over my fireplace mantel, which is not perfectly level, so I measured equals points off the mantel to the the left/right of the bracket to make it the same and thus give the illusion that it is perfectly level.

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