Can a/v cable be used instead of component cable?


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Can a/v cable be used instead of component cable?

I have an A/V cable for my DVD player but tv only has jacks for a component cable. Can A/V cable be used anyway? If so which jack gets the yellow cable?

Bet I just have to get a component cable but thought I would ask.

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Yes you can provided the cable is of decent quality. It does not matter which gets the yellow one provided each color gets connected properly to the respective color jack.

What are you using for the audio though? If you are using the TV speakers you will need another cable with two additional RCA jacks for the Red/White audio signals
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Put the yellow plug in the green jack, the red plug in the red jack, and the white plug in the blue jack.

This is not absolutely positively guaranteed but this has the best chance of working.

In component video the luminance or Y (green) has higher frequencies than the (not exactly) red or Pr and (not exactly) blue or Pb components. The cable assembly may or may not have equal quality for all three internal cables.

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