Monitor Audio Radius 360 Subwoofer Not Working


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Monitor Audio Radius 360 Subwoofer Not Working

Hi All,

We have a Monitor Audio Radius 360 subwoofer since 2006. (See:

It seems to not be working. Basically, it can turn on and has power. Whenever it receives a signal, the LED on it turns blue (indicating that it switched on because it recognized the signal). However, no sound comes out.

I actually have a 5.2 receiver and setup, and the other subwoofer activates and makes sound - so I know when the R360 should also be making sound.

Anyone have any ideas what the problem could be? Any settings that I might need to reset? Or is it just probably something internal, and I should consider it a lost cause? It is definitely receiving a signal and has power.

Thanks for any advice and info.
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Have you exchanged the inputs to the two subwoofers to see if the same unit is not producing any sound? If the same one doesn't work that would confirm that it's faulty, but if it starts working and the other one doesn't then the receiver may be the problem.
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Have you tried contacting the manufacturer and ask them?

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