New TV + old receiver


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New TV + old receiver

I'm putting together an inexpensive home theater system for my cottage. I already have a Blu-ray player, speakers, powered sub and a slightly old receiver (Pioneer VSX-321, c. 2011).
One issue I'm not sure how to resolve is how to connect the receiver video output, needed to access the menus and is A COMPOSITE OUTPUT, to the TV which only has HDMI inputs.

Do I just buy a cheap converter off eBay?
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I haven't seen a TV yet that only HDMI in connectors.

Buying a convertor is about your only choice. They are fairly inexpensive starting around $15.
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Agreed, most TVs I've seen still have some connections aside from HDMI.

Usually there's a RGB/component connection, 3 video + 2 audio
but one of the video plugs doubles as a composite (yellow/video out).

What is the TV make and model#?
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The last TV I bought was a cheapie and only had HDMI's so I bought a converter to hook up to my antique RCA connection.
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I have a cheap Emerson, like PD, that it's hooked to now.
My tv at the cottage may have other options but I wondered if I was missing something in connecting a 1 year old tv to a 7 year old receiver.

They sure are quick to delete the "compatibility" connections.
The last DVD player I had to replace had a back panel peppered with jacks.
Component video
Composite video
Analog audio out
Optical audio out
Coaxial digital audio out

All the "affordable" replacements had only HDMI, which didn't fit in in my 80's vintage stereo.

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Hey guess what? It doesn't matter. I was looking at the wrong manual (SMH). The VSX-321 doesn't have a video generator for the menus--just use the cramped front display and a whole lot of scrolling.
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Does the TV itself have more than one set of (red/white) audio input jacks, each set accompanied by a video jack or cluster of video jacks?

For best results you will need to connect the DVD player HDMI output jack and cord directly to an HDMI input jack on the TV. Connect the DVD player audio jacks to an input bank (also with red/white audio jacks and a video jack of some kind).

Use the TV remote to select the video source and use the knobs on the old receiver to select the matching audio.

On some TV sets if you plug into the green jack of a red/green/blue (composite) cluster and leave the red and blue jacks empty then it will behave as composite (yellow jack).

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