Streaming music to old HIFI system via WIFI

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Streaming music to old HIFI system via WIFI

Hi folks. My folks have an old home theater, hi-fi stereo system. Where itís wired into speakers in the ceiling all throughout the house. They would like to be able to stream music from an Internet service like Pandora or Spotify, through the existing stereo system via their WiFi. Is there an inexpensive way to do that without having to use a smart phones? They do
not have a smart tv or dvd. Would like to get them a simple plug and play audio component for Christmas that would allow them to partly step into the modern audio age. At our house pretty much all the components in electronics are all teed into our home network, but were operating with some older equipment here. Any advice is appreciated
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how about using an Echo Dot from Amazon with a headphone jack to an audio-in port on your hifi system? Some adapter may be needed (maybe 3.5mm to 1/4"?)

- Peter
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The Echo Dot is a good idea since it has internet/streaming access via wifi. If a corded connection to the stereo system is not convenient, you could make a Bluetooth connection between the Echo (or other devices) and the system with a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver like this:

However then all of the Echo Dot responses will only be heard through the stereo system, not at the Echo Dot.

I use a similar setup to transmit audio from a traditional stereo setup downstairs to my Bluetooth-capable home theater upstairs to listen to legacy vinyl recordings.
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At our house pretty much all the components in electronics are all teed into our home network
Is there an inexpensive way to do that without having to use a smart phones?
Although you said "no smartphones", this is exactly why I keep my prior-prior-prior android phone (2.2.2 FROzenYOgurt) around for - to stream music over WiFi to a stereo.

The OBVIOUS way to do that is Pandora/Spotify on the PHONE.

However, it IS possible to stream music from a PC OVER WiFI to an old Android phone using the Free Android app "SoundWire (client)", and the free Windows program is "SoundWire Server".

Soundwire streams audio over WiFi, and creates a virtual 2nd set of speakers on the PC. You send the audio FROM a Windows computer TO an Android phone. Plug the phone's headphones into the AUX jack of any y stereo system and you have instant streaming music on existing stereo.
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Do you have something, anything, such as a computer or a satellite TV box, that you can turn on tonight and listen to the selected streamed program on using its built in speaker or using some earphones?

Connect that "anything" earphone jack to your hifi/stereo system input jack(s) as described above using an audio cord.

You could even connect a microphone to the "mag phono" input (if any) of the hifi system and put the "anything" (streaming receiver) speaker or earphones up against the microphone. Using this method you will need to turn down the bass control a little to get the best sound.

Otherwise you have to buy some box (the Echo Dot mentioned above?) to be the streaming receiver.

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I really like the Echo Dot option. Just ask Alexa to play whatever from Spotify (or your music provider of choice).

If you're looking for something better, you can also look at the Sonos product line. More expensive, but higher quality music and accessories.
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All you need is a hi-fi system with a spare audio in jack and a simple bluetooth receiver.

There are many different options.
Most would need a sparate micro-usb power adapter.

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