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My question isn't really a 'repair' problem...but I'm hoping you can help me. I want to know how to physically hook-up a stereo turntable (to play a record)to a PC (to burn the record on to a CD) What do you think? :-)
Thanking you in advance
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How do you use the turntable now, I assume it is hooked up to a stereo system. To hook up to the computer, you most likely have 2 choices , to plug into the microphone input of the sound card or the line input of the sound card. I am not certain if your mic input would be stereo. The line input should be. To use the mic input you need to come off directly from the record cartridge feed. For line input, you would take the output of the stereo system which hopefully has a line out output on it.

The prefered method is using the line input on the sound card (assuming your sound card has a line input jack), as the equalization may be better matched.

Next is having the proper digiting recording software to make mp3 or wav. wav's can be large in size, mp3's are much smaller, and still good quality these days, certainly enough to meet the old record quality copies. Burn software will make audio cd's from mp3's.


What is the music you want to copy, you could save yourself a lot a trouble by just trying to download the mp3 versions of the music (could even be better quality) from the internet and burn those.

Yes napster has had its legal battles, but is still operating with the use of filtering in an attempt to remove anything that the record companies may not want available for free.

Another one call napigator , I don't beleive had at least yet been subject to the legal battles (give it time)

You must install napster first, and then napigator as it ties into the napster software but will redirect it to different servers.
audioGnome is another mp3 file sharing service

Downloading the mp3's would be my first choice rather than going to the trouble of digiting your old records.

try using some of the better search engines like...

and search for mp3 file sharing
play with the search words and see what you come up with.

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What you need is something with a phono in (such as
a home stereo reciever), and a line out (you will need
an RCA to 1/8 stereo cable). The primary reason is that
the signal might need amplifed (if it's a magnetic pickup),
and will most likely need equalized for the RIAA equalization, unless that circuitry is built into your turntable.
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Thumbs up Hooking Up Ur Turntable to PC

Here is what I do...

connect ur turntable to the amplifier (hope you have one)from the record out of the amplifier connect the suitable cable to the line in of the PC sound card...

your ready to bogie .

Best of luck!
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First time to the Forum. I guess I'm a forum junkie, had Jeep Cherokee w/200k on speedo and spent a lot of time there. Recently sold Jeep, looking for a new fix, so here I am.

Realize this is an older post, but here is a link to the CNET Music Page, that will walk you through any type of burnin situation you want to do.


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