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I noticed on two of my TV's (JVC & Toshiba) that the top and bottom of the picture are not showing on the screen. For example, if there is a phone number at the bottom of the picture on a comercial, the number does not show up. Even when I have my DVD on, I can't read some of the instructions that are on the top or bottom of the screen. Or if I watch a movie on "letter box," it practically appears like a standard full screen movie. It's almost like the picture stretched taller than the tv screen allows. Is this a common problem? Or is it coincidence that both of my tv's are behaving this way?
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Good Morning, libertino85:

It is rare to see two sets exhibiting the same symptom. So, in this case, I would look for another source for the problem. It may be that the AC on the house is running a little high. I've ran across a couple of situations where a funky transformer on the pole was sending 260 volts to the house instead of the usual 220 volts. That put 130 volts on the plug to the set. The result was similar in that the picture was larger than normal. So, check that first. Then, it's a call to the Electric Company.

If the power is not the problem, there are adjustments in the back of the set for sizing the picture. There are two of them: Vertical Height and Vertical Linearity. In your case, a small adjustment on the Vertical Height control will correct the problem. Again, I stress SMALL adjustment.
Too much fiddling with these controls and you will throw the picture convergence out of whack and then you color outlines around everyone. Then you think bad thoughts about Smokey. The adjustment will be counter-clockwise on the control.

We here if you need to ask any more questions on the subject.


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