SONY Triniton TV (KVX2532U), distorted image!

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Hi Guys,
I have a 25-inch Sony Triniton TV (Model KVX2532U) which I use on my other PC.
The problem is the TV. a few days ago, the TV is been acting funny....the image is stretched at top and shrinked at the bottom, leaving a black gap at the bottom of the display. This cause the displayed image to be warped.
Then after awhile it restores it self back to a normal sized image. How can this happen?
My TV is about 8yrs old, is it time to move on? ...the last thing I want to do is to get it repaired by an authorised repairman from SONY since then always charge a hefty price on SONY products. If so I might as well get a new Monitor instead.
Perhaps anyone out there could provide me with links or FAQs on how to fix my TV.
Thanks so much!!
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Good Morning, BigJim:

The problem isn't too serious yet but it will get worse before long. Judging from your description, the problem is a leaking capacitor in one of two places. It could be a coupling capacitor between the vertical oscillator or it could be a filter capacitor in the power supply. Problems with these two components exhibit similar display problems that you describe.
Ultimately, the capacitor is will finally fail completely and the vertical image will either be fully distorted or the picture will collapse completely.

Eight years out of a TV set is good. As I have stated on this site before, the television sets on the consumer market are manufactured with a predicted live of five years. A lot of folks get more, of course.

So, the decision to repair or replace is in your arena. From the age, I would recommend replacement. A repair could exceed 50% of the replacement cost and when you get done, you still have an 8 year old set. Then the question is, "What will happen next?"

As for sites discussing repairs, I have never found one yet but would like to hear if anyone stumbles across one. Techs don't want you to know what they know.

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Thx =)

Hi Smokey,
I just want to thank you for your help. I did expect to be a problem which is 'not serious now....but eventually it will fail'.
I suppose its time for a new TV set judging by the fact that its been 8yrs already.
For some reason technicians here (UK) charge a lot of money here for repairing SONY products. I had two SONY poducts which needed repairs a VCR and a DVDROM, luckily the VCR was still under warranty, the woman from SONY gave me all those price list for repairs...hehe, unfortunatly for her I said my VCR had a 5yr warranty, her voice changed completely.
As for the DVDROM, I was less lucky, they charge me more than what I paid for the DVDROM, and that was just inspection alone...if they need to replace parts, I have to pay extra.
Not saying SONY products r bad, I think they deliver the quality...but when it comes to repair, its a nightmare.

Anyway thx again Smokey U been great!!!

nb. U r right about gettin the info of fixing a TV, it took me a while to find this site...all other sites requires membership to get into.
Not that I dont want to pay I know its hard to make a living. Yet, I hate to get a bill slapped on my head without knowing whats going on.

Thx again!!

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Good Afternoon, Big Jim:

Always nice to hear from our friends in the UK. Been there a couple of times and always enjoyed the people and the beauty of your country.

I'm sorry I couldn't be more positive on your problem but I think it is everyone's best interests if I "tell it like it is".

Good luck on your endeavor and tell all your friends in the UK about our site.

Smokey in the colonies
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Another distorted Trinitron

I also have a Trinitron TV about 8 years old and 36". It is displaying well from top to bottom, but it 'bows' in on the sides. Does this sound like the same problem?

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Good Morning, Texasbear13:

Please, in the future start a new thread. This identifies a new problem readily on the forum and allows us to react quicker with a response.

Relative to your problem, your condition is called pin cushioning and is a part of your convergence circuit. The set has to add inductance to the deflection transformer on the neck of the picture tube to correct for this bowing condition.

Usually this is a relatively simple repair. It may be a component failure in the convergence circuit.....or, perhaps a subtle change occurred in the deflection transformer and it simply requires adjustment to correct for it.

When I speak of convergence, the electron guns in the picture tube have to be adjusted (converged) so that they display at a predetermined spot on the face of the picture tube. Thus, a red image is painted red, a blue image is painted blue, and a green image is painted green. A shift in this circuit will allow "outlines" of color around images.


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