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What is the difference between RG6U coax and RG59? Would one be better than the other for carrying computer data?


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Good Afternoon, Derek:

RG-6 and RG-59 are pretty much the same in all characteristics in that they are both 75 ohm cable. Both can be bought with frequency characteristics to provide bandwidth up to 1100 MHz. The chief difference is loss per 100 feet. RG-59 has a 3 dB loss (half signal strength) at
100 while RG-6 does not attain this loss until roughly 150 feet.

If you have special needs for the cable, you have to specify the bandwidth you need. Each type of cable comes in several bandwidth lots.

Some folks will tell you that RG-6 is better shielded than RG-59 but that is also untrue. You can get both with 98% shield characteristics. About the only time RG-6 gets better in this catagory is if you specify double shields.

So, the answer to your question is it depends on what you ask for and who you are buying it from. If I had a special need for a cable, I would go to an electronics supplier versus Radio Shack.


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