Toshiba 27" (CF27F30) Sound cracks, OK sometimes if at higher channels :-(

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Bought only in mid 1997. Sound suddenly started cracking up. If ignored, cracking frequency goes up to 1 in 4 seconds until picture is lost. If we turn on at around chanenel 45 its OK for a while. And sometimes, by the grace of TV gods, it works fine for even couple of hours.

Little tight on budget now :-( Worth reparing? Can I do something myself other than banging it from all sides ?:-)
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Good Morning, Bleenky:

What you are describing to me is a bad tuner and would make the assumption that the oscillator circuit is bad. The fact that you can jar it into life at mid range is a good indicator. I assume when you say "the picture goes" that you are seeing a snowy screen. Is this correct? A snowy screen is always tuner. If you had a white screen with no snow, the problem would more often be located in the Intermediate Frequency Amplifiers.

I won't kid you and tell you this is a cheap fix. When you get into these electronic tuners the numbers start mounting up fast. Considering you can pick up a new 25" TV set for around $200 these days, you might want to consider that option.


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