RCA Stereo CD doesn't read

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I have a small home stereo, an RCA RP-911S audio system.
It will read some music CD's, but not most of them. Is there an adjustment to be made on the CD player? Is it the drawer? Please advise of what to look for and adjust under the cover. Thanks!
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Unfortunately there are no user serviceable parts in a CD player. I am not familiar with this particular unit but it has the Sony optics etc. How old is the player? I would be almost 99% sure in saying the optics are failing. They are only designed to last about 2 maybe 3 years. You can take it to a shop and see if they will reset the focus etc but most likely they are going to want to sell you new optics etc and it can be replaced for cheaper. This is why I never advise a customer to buy one of the all in one stereo systems, now the CD player is going out but you can't just replace the CD you have to replace the whole unit.

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