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Can anyone recommend some generic tutorials on basic do-it-yourself television/ v.c.r./ radio repairs? I'm not trying to supersede the wisdom of those in charge of this website, but rather just wanting to learn the basics on this type of repair for my own personal knowledge. Thank you very much in advance.

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Good Morning, Rodger_X:

I was amused by your post and the wise old sages of this forum have no problems with your trying to find out how to do these repairs. LOL

One of the best places I have found for technical HOW TO manuals on these repairs goes back to the original sage of TV Repair, Howard Sams. He's been publishing everything from technical manuals to schematics since the dawn of television. They are well written and I consider them as the original "For Dummies" books.

Look in on their site at
and look over what they have to offer.

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Cool Cool

First of all you must have stock in Motrin, Bayer asprin and Wild Turkey! Go to a pawn shop or maybe a repair shop and ask if you can buy a broken VCR. Or even Wally World and buy one of the real cheap ones. Watch how it works, tear it apart, put it back together. Does it still work? Why not? It's fun and you learn from your mistakes. I don't know how many times I have finished a repair, put the unit back together and have forgot to push the load door on the front of the VCR in so the door open lever will catch it to open it to eject the tape... I even got to the point of putting a note next to my scope that said "Lever" in big black letters and would still forget it! Tear the VCR apart and do it again... But in the buisness, the more you did the more you made so speed/accuracy was of the utmost concern.
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