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I just bought a Mitsubishi 4003 TV from a well known friend after their divorce. As far as they know the TV is fine. I have no remote, nor a manufacturer's instruction book.

I also have no picture at all. I have sound and seems clear, but the screen is without power and no picture. I don't know the age but seems to be a big screen picture tube type with two antennae inputs and a bank of outputs. Noting is attached but 120 volts and one antennae at this time. Need suggestions how to change modes maybe to get picture. Been in storage about 3 months also.

Best I got ya is I know how to turn it on and could run this thing if I had a book. My knowledge is an instructor in electrical construction field with thirty years in electrical trade but little electronics.

Can you help get me a picture?

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Good Morning, Wgoodrich:

Television remote controls are not difficult to locate and the Internet is full of sites offering replacements. Use the key words, Television Remote Controls, in your search engine. You will find sites like

To find documentation on the unit, I would suggest you contact
Union Electronics has been pretty good about coming up with manuals on television sets.

Another alternative is to contract Mitsubishi directly for information on the set. The big screen units are found at

Now back to the original problem. Define your no picture condition:
1)black screen, no information
2)white screen, no information
3)white screen, snow

As you can see, a no picture condition can take several forms and I need to know which one you are experiencing.

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no picture black screen sound only. No picture tube response at all.

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Good evening, Wgoodrich:
From what I have been able to ascertain, your set is the now "defunct" 40" large screen television set. It was a gorgeous machine while they manufactured it but Mitsubishi discontinued the line when it did not sell well. This must be the VS-4003.

Conversely, some of the items you desire such as remote control, owners manual, etc. can be found at the Mitsubishi home site at

I have had contact with a couple of these units over the last seven years. For equipment quality versus size of picture, this unit had no peers (in my estimation). So, I recommend repairs unless it is cost prohibitive.

A black screen with sound can be any number of things ranging through the following:
1) no filaments in the picture tube
2) a failure in the high voltage section (the voltage that
lights the screen
3) A failure in the video section of the set. No video produces a black picture.
4) A failure in the focus voltage circuitry

And, perhaps several more.

Either way, the back has to come off the set and some diagnostics are going to have to take place to determine exactly which system has failed. Is it worth it? If I had this unit in my living room, I would say, "You Bet!"

Is it going to cost much? When you buy parts for a Lincoln, it costs more than buying parts for a Geo Metro.

Let me know how this ends up. I am truly interested.


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