Best way to remove cable services ?

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Best way to remove cable services ?

First, I think I might have to apologize if this is the wrong forum for my question, but I want to know the best way to cut the cable service in my home. Please redirect me to where to look if I'm in the wrong forum.
We have 3 out of 5 smart TVs in our home. We have 3 cable boxes and our monthly cable bill is ridiculous. I would like to drop the TV subscription portion of the service, and increase the WIFI speed.
1) I would need a recommendation for digital antennas. I would assume indoor antennas because an outdoor antenna would probably be too much work.
2) I don't know if one antenna could serve the entire house with some technology to split the signal internally or do I need 5 indoor antennas?
3) Is there a particular type of antenna that I should be looking for as well as a type that I should be avoiding? I'd like to be able to get as many freely available channels as possible, then add streaming services on top of that where necessary. The only question that would remain, I suppose, is whether after adding whatever streaming services I want if the bill would be just as high as cable? I'll cross that bridge later.
Again, apologies if this post is in the wrong forum. I haven't lived totally outside of the cable TV world in a very long time.

Thanks in advance!
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Having an antenna is one approach but, IMO, most people who cut the cable retain internet service and use apps such as Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu Live and Netflix for their service.

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I modified the title. To cut cable means to be 100% off cable.
You want internet service only which is still on the cable.
You want to modify services.

Weigh your choices carefully as streaming services are now approaching the cable company package prices. I have FiOS and right now....their packages are a better deal than streaming,

I have both. I have a package and I stream. I have original service with three set top boxes, HBO and Showtime. Sports package. 50mps up and 50mps down internet and telephone. I pay $210 a month.

I'm always checking out streaming services and their prices vs what FiOS offers. I'm noticing more splintering of streaming services where the shows that are popular are moved to a new platform.... requiring multiple services for the same channels. That pisses me off. You need to make a list of what you need to get and then you can figure out which streaming services can provide it. You will find that you'll need several services to replace one.

There are many good streaming services that are free but have heavy advertising.
More companies are offering streaming services with some ads for a price.

My number one streaming company is Pluto. Lot of content... minimal ads...... free.
Freevie is now owned by Amazon and is a free movie channel with ads.
Netflix is pricing itself right out of business.
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Yeah, thanks for clarifying. And thanks for modifying the title. Sorry, but I'm an old guy that thinks of cable as TV services. I still remember WHT. There was no cable when I was growing up. That was the service that we used for movies. I'm upset that Verizon doesn't have an app for smart TVs. You can use their app for iOS and android, but not for TVs? I'd like to get rid of the set top boxes.
It seems as though the cable TV services are way too expensive for what you get. But I want sports and movies.
This is a great forum and these are great suggestions and information.
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I dumped my Verizon FiOS TV services last August when the monthly bundle price (Internet-TV-landline phone) went to $195/mo. due to TV increases. Replaced it with Verizon 300mps internet and phone bundle for $79.99/mo. Already had Netflix, Prime, and PBS and added Sling basic for $40/mo. I add other streaming services (AppleTV+, Acorn, etc.) as needed for shows that I want then cancel when done. I have excellent OTA coverage from towers in sight of my house with a simple bowtie antenna (Watched the Super Bowl OTA when internet went down due to high usage.) All in I am spending about $50 to $70 per month less than before. The only problem is keeping track of which shows are on which service.

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